Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about apprenticeship.

Can I receive my upgrade if I have enough hours but haven't yet completed my current year of class?

No, you must have your completed hours and a completed year of class in order to claim your upgrade. Remember, each stage is based on 1600 hours of credit and 200 hours of class. You must have both in order to upgrade.

Is class attendance really MANDATORY?

YES! Class attendance is mandatory. if you are absent from class beyond your allowable absences you will be penalized. If you are penalized it is your right to appeal to the Board.

What if I'm late for class?

Don't be. You shouldn't be late for work and you shouldn't be late for class. In the event you were delayed by an occurnace outside of your control, speak with the instructor. Otherwise, you are tardy and you will be penalized.

What if I have an excuse for an absence?

That's good...the absence will be excused and you will be allowed to MAKE THAT CLASS UP at a later time in the year if that absence goes beyond your allowable absences. The make-up date shall be determined by the JATC and it is your responsibility to make up that class.

How do I need to dress for class?

You should come prepared to work. That means long pants, a shirt with sleaves, and work boots (safety toes). No flip-flops or sandals are allowed in the building. You may wear sneakers in class if you wish but bring your boots with you. If you don't have appropriate attire for the shop, you cannot enter and will be absent. Please refresh yourself with the sexual harrasment policy for inappropriate attire. extremely loose clothing (pants, shirts), revealing clothing, or other offensive attire shall not be allowed.

Do I need to have tools with me in class?

Yes. you related training is a major portion of your apprenticeship. You MUST come prepared to work. It is your responsibility to maintain your own set of tools. You are a trade worker now. You tools are an extension of your hands. Class work instructs you in the proper use of those tools. You should have your tools with you every week. Regardless if you think you may not need them for a particular class. Sometimes classes are shifted due to weather, equipment needs, etc. Bring your tools.

What are the JATC holidays? Will class be open on those days?

The JATC holidays are as follows and there will not be class on these days.

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day After Thanksgiving
Christmas Day

What should I do when I go to work?

You MUST contact the Training Center office and let them know you are going to work. Also tell them who you will be working for and where. This will allow the Training Center staff to send out a wage rate on you. Otherwise, if you are paid improperly, you will be responsible for any sum greater than your actual rate. Better to get it right the first time.

Can I attend Journeyman Training Classes if I am an apprentice?

Yes, if they aren't full. If the Journeymen don't fill up a class then apprentices are allowed to attend and fill out the class. Many of you will see these same classes during your apprenticeship yet may feel the need to attend certain training early for one reason or another. Call the Training Center office if you would like to attend one of these classes.

Will I get class hours for attending Journeyman classes?

No. You must still attend all of your apprenticeship training. Again, there may be a reason that you might want to get certain training earlier than it is offered in your class. You will still have to attend the training in your regular apprenticeship curriculum.

Do I have to attend all my union meetings if I am working?

No, you do not have to attend a union meeting if the meeting is during your hours of work, (i.e. afternoon or evening shift).  However, you must note on your time card that you were working during a union meeting night and verify that by having your foreman or supervisor sign your card.  This does not mean that you can skip the ones that you are able to attend.  For example, if you have attended 3 meetings and worked during 5 meetings that still leaves 4 meetings left unattended.  You still had the opportunity to go to those 4 meetings but chose not to.  Those “work” meetings only count if you have worked more that you were able to attend.  So if you were able to attend 7 meetings but and worked the other 5, your “work” meetings will not come into play in terms of points because you were still able to attend 7.  Remember there is a 5 point penalty for failure to attend 7 out of 12 union meetings.

Can I attend another Local's union meeting if I am working out of area?

Yes, members are allowed to attend other Local Union meetings. You should talk to the Representative or an executive officer first out of courtesy though.


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